Why Is It Important to Manage Employee Leave Using a Payroll System?

Why Is It Important to Manage Employee Leave Using a Payroll System?

An online payroll service saves you time and resources from manually calculating annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, in fact all leave types. It is a platform where employers and employees can easily view and manage leave. 

It ensures leave compliance by calculating leave entitlements and enables your employees to apply for leave online seamlessly though their own employee payslip kiosk. 

Our payroll system empowers your employees by providing an easy way for them to manage their entitlements with confidence and accuracy.

In addition to happier and more productive employees, there are several factors that make a payroll system an essential tool for managing leave:

Makes Sure Your Company Meets Legal Requirements

An online payroll system is always current with the latest legislative requirements and provides the tools to ensure that your business is legislatively compliant. As New Zealand employment laws change it can be a hassle to recalculate entitlements, or to download software updates for desktop software. With our online payroll system, you no longer need to worry about legislative changes; we do it all for you, automatically. 

Reduced Paperwork

Through our online payroll software, you can get rid of the paperwork associated with managing leave. When an employee applies for leave it can be time-consuming to document and track leave entitlements. Issues can arise from poor reporting, lost leave requests and other errors. 

Our payroll service is a secure way to store and track leave requests. It saves time for your administrators and eliminates manual errors. Additionally, iPayroll’s online payroll platform integrates with other business tools, improving work processes and experiences.

Employee and Employer Visibility of Leave Balances

Our user-friendly platform makes viewing, tracking and managing leave a breeze for managers and employees. Employees appreciate how easy it is to view their various leave balances and apply for leave online. Managers love the convenience of viewing and managing payroll and leave on the go. 

An unclear leave service can leave your employees demoralised. iPayroll boosts employee morale by giving them control over their leave management. Employees can see the various types of leave they have accrued and apply for leave based on their leave balances. Managers have the peace of mind that leave is recorded securely. This reduces the risk of costs associated with incorrect leave documentation, which can result in large sums of money being mistakenly paid out. 

Managers Can Easily Manage Leave Requests

Our online payroll system makes leave processes and life easier for you and your employees. Managers can view leave requests from employees, view the leave they have accrued and approve or decline the requests. You can manage leave and payroll on your laptop, mobile or tablet whenever and wherever it suits you. Our online payroll system is an essential tool that improves the productivity of your business and employees.




As a small business we found doing the fortnightly pays was becoming more complicated; needing to keep up with KiwiSaver, Student loan repayments and Holiday pay rule changes. Being an online business we decided we need to get-online and leave the specialists to look after the rules. After looking at several options we selected iPayroll and have found their service to be tops, easy to use with great support. Well done iPayroll

Richard O'Brien
Business for Sale specialists, Christchurch

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