Paying Staff in Australia?

You're a New Zealand business, but have some staff (or even just one person) employed in Australia. How do you pay them and comply with all of Australia's legislation?

CloudPayroll™ - The perfect solution!

Using the CloudPayroll Internet-based Payroll Service you can effortlessly process your payroll - from your office in New Zealand. CloudPayroll will take care of everything for you:

  • Pay your staff
  • Provide a payslip - online
  • From a few employees to several hundred
  • Powerful integration with Xero
  • Correctly calculate all Leave Entitlements and Leave Loading.
  • Keep your payroll records and provide comprehensive reports
  • Pay your superannuation to any Australian Superannuation funds
  • Prepare your Activity Statements ("IAS" / "BAS") for the Australian Tax Office


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Paying Staff in Australia?

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