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Out for coffee and realise you forgot to approve an employee's leave? Simply approve leave requests, process payroll and more from your smartphone.

PAYE, KiwiSaver, banking and more        PAYE, KiwiSaver, banking and more

PAYE, KiwiSaver, banking and more

Use iPayroll to manage deductions, including PAYE, child support, student loans and WINZ. Add KiwiSaver with just one click.


We provide a full suite of reports, unlimited cost centres, pay elements, deductions, and other records accessible at any time.

Seamless integration

iPayroll will work with the systems you use to run your business. Easily import and export timesheets and other data from your existing payroll method.

Pay staff automatically

Set up a recurring payroll, or arrange pay runs in advance, and carry on with your day. The four step process makes payroll easy.

Staff and leave management

Manage your employees' records, keeping as much or as little detail on them as you need. Remove the hassle of calculating leave and other entitlements.



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Online leave requests

Save time by letting your employees request leave online. You can approve or reject requests and add any notes or other details the next time you log in.

Online employee kiosk

Tired of fielding questions from your employees about their payslips? iPayroll's Payslip Kiosk lets them view these details in their own time.

Donate to charity

With iPayroll Giving, your staff may donate to a charity and receive tax credits immediately, all managed by iPayroll.



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We set iPayroll up for you. Our training is comprehensive, letting you manage your pay as you like. Any time after training, we're here to help.

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We manage all hardware and software and ensure you are never caught by surprise from changes to legislation, statutory holidays or other issues.

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Strong security and strict privacy is maintained. We have multiple server locations with 24/7 system monitoring and provide disaster recovery.

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