How Can a Payroll System Benefit My Business?

How Can a Payroll System Benefit My Business?

An online payroll system is a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage your payroll. It calculates PAYE, pays staff and is an easy way to keep and update records. Our payroll system keeps you up with the latest regulations and seamlessly integrates with other business tools to help your business run smoothly.

iPayroll takes the pain away from payroll so you can focus on what you do. 

Here are some benefits of iPayroll that our clients have told us:

Save Time

A challenge for New Zealand businesses is the amount of time it takes to handle payroll processes. iPayroll turns hours of payroll processing into minutes. It automatically calculates PAYE, generate reports and pays employees. With just a few clicks you and your employees can keep track of their payslips and records. Our payroll service saves you time from manual calculation and documentation. iPayroll lodges payments automatically and you can manage it on your mobile anywhere, anytime.

Save Money

Our online payroll system has helped many thousands of New Zealand companies save money. An on-line payroll system provides guaranteed access to iPayroll support staff and reduces administrative costs. iPayroll also eliminates waste from printed payslips with on-line access to employer and employee records electronically. Saved time means saved money and iPayroll helps you use your resources more effectively.

Reduce Chances of Error

On-line payroll software reduces the chance of errors that can occur with manual calculations and data entry. This eliminates the risk of IRD tax penalties from calculation errors. 

Employee Self-Service

Through our online employee kiosk employees can view, manage, enquire, make changes and apply for leave in their own time, from their smartphone, tablet or PCs. If selected employees can also enter their timelogs for approval into the payroll.They can view information and make changes directly, reducing administrative duties for your business. Additionally, your employees can donate to approved charities through the payroll directly and instantly receive tax credits.


Additional Features

As electronic filing and documentation become increasingly important, iPayroll enables better bookkeeping and keeps you up with the latest changes in legislation. No need to download software for desktop solutions with iPayroll; we manage it all online centrally for all clients automatically. iPayroll makes sure that your business meets obligations as regulations change so you can focus on other areas of your business. Additionally, our payroll software easily integrates with other systems and tools to help you monitor and plan your business activities. 

Our clients and their employees love how easy it is to use iPayroll. It is simple to set up and our friendly team offers ongoing support through our free help desk service. As New Zealand’s premier online payroll service for small to medium sized businesses from just a few to up to 1,000 employees, our systems are fully secure, totally confidential. 

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As a business owner I don't have time to worry about the day to day organizing of payroll. I set iPayroll and forget. I love how iPayroll integrates with Xero and completes our accounting management package. I couldn't ask for more from iPayroll.

Norman McKenzie
Meta Solutions Limited, Christchurch

Why Is It Important to Manage Employee Leave Using a Payroll System?

An online payroll service saves you time and resources from manually calculating annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, in fact all leave types. It is a platform where employers and employees can easily view and manage leave. 

It ensures leave...
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