Perfect payroll for your employees

24 Jun 2019


The Employee Kiosk puts your employees’ pay information at their fingertips, allowing them to view it at their convenience. As well as viewing their payslips, they can view historical payslips and tax summaries, apply for leave, calculate future leave, record hours worked, request changes to personal details, and donate to Charities.

We also know that our Employee Kiosk reduces payroll questions from employees to their managers, employers, and HR, meaning less work for you and your payroll team.

What can your employees do via their Employee Kiosk dashboard?

Online Timelogs
Enabling Timelogs in the Employee Kiosk means employees can record their start and finish times and time codes as they go. If they record start and finish times, hours are automatically calculated.

Employees can view their current payslip and historical payslips. Their payslip also contains their year to date balances including taxable earnings, PAYE, leave, KiwiSaver Deductions and Employer Contributions.

iPayroll Giving
iPayroll Giving gives employees control over their donations. From the Employee Kiosk they can make donations directly to a large range of charities from their pay and receive tax credits in the pay run. The Employee Kiosk even lets them choose between a one-off or recurring donations of any amount.

The Employee Kiosk makes applying for leave easy. Employees can check their projected leave balance before applying or add a reason as to why they have requested leave if they choose. You can give your employees the option to view the Leave Calendar, enabling them to see who is away on leave in their team. Employees have full access to their leave history.

Tax Summary
Through their Employee Kiosk employees can access their Tax Summary for the current tax year as well as their historical tax summaries for previous years.

Employees can view and change their personal details held on their file as well as change their Employee Kiosk password and set up Two Factor Authentication on their Kiosk. There is also the option to turn on/off an email notifying them when they have been paid.


The Employee Kiosk is also conveniently available as a mobile app, where employees can view payslips and apply for leave straight from their smartphone. To download the iPayroll Kiosk app go to the Google Play store or Apple App Store and search for iPayroll Kiosk or use the following links:

AppStore v2GooglePlay v2


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