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Connect enableHR and iPayroll to keep your employee payroll and personal data up to date.

Powerful integration

enableHR provides full employee lifecycle HRM solutions that help companies keep compliant, reduce admin time, simplify onboarding, and reduce costs.

Once setup the integration facilitates the seamless, automated sync of your employee’s personal, employment, payroll, bank, Kiwisaver and tax data from enableHR to iPayroll.

enableHR as your HRIS will be the source of truth for your employee data. This ensures that any updates your employees make to their personal or payroll details will sync across and update in iPayroll.


enableHR seamless integration with iPayroll

Let the integration do the work for you and save you and your team time and effort. Our integration will share new and updated details from enableHR to iPayroll for the following.

  • Personal details
  • Employment details
  • Payroll details
  • Bank account details
  • Kiwisaver
  • Tax/IRD details

See enableHR’s support knowledge base article for more detailed information

Connect enableHR to iPayroll

The iPayroll integration leverages off enableHR’s Integration Hub. The process to setup enableHR’s integration can be found within this article on their website.

About enableHR

enableHR is a cloud-based HR and compliance management software that simplifies employee management & termination, offering tools for onboarding, document management, WHS management, and more.

The software uses workflows and checklists to guide you through smart, legally compliant HR processes, communicate with employees and set them tasks. It stores all your employee records and has sharing features that let managers (and employees) easily access, deliver, and receive documents and files.

The automated integration between enableHR and iPayroll allows for any new employee, or updates to existing employee, to ensure that all the relevant employee details are up to date in iPayroll.


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