Better workforce management
with iPayroll and intelliHR

Make more intelligent people decisions with intelliHR

Make more intelligent people decisions

The intelliHR platform empowers leaders to create a better work life for their people, teams, and organisation. The integration of iPayroll with intelliHR was created to assist our mutual clients to streamline their payroll administration.


How iPayroll and intelliHR work together

After integration has been completed

  • When a new employee is created in intelliHR the new employee data is automatically uploaded into iPayroll.
  • When employee and job details are updated in intelliHR this will reflect in iPayroll.

To ensure a smooth experience set up matching Employee Codes, Roster Costs, and Role Cost Centres in goRoster that correspond to your Employee ID's and Cost Centres in iPayroll.

Connect iPayroll with intelliHR

The iPayroll and intelliHR integration has been custom built by intelliHR. It can be setup by the intelliHR Team and may incur additional costs.

If you are already a client of both iPayroll and intelliHR contact intelliHR’s Support Team who can assist with the integration.

If you are currently a iPayroll client but are not yet using intelliHR please contact them.

If you are an intelliHR customer but not currently set up with iPayroll contact our Sales Team for more information and a free demo.

About intelliHR

intelliHR is the intelligent, secure people platform empowering tomorrow’s HR leaders to create happy workforces. With expert-led implementation and ongoing world-class support teams, intelliHR is the choice of HR software for 350+ progressive organizations and over 100,000 users across 20 countries.


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